Cycle of Problem Gambling

Most people with problem gambling experience the following:

  1. Desire to escape emotional crisis – Most gamblers use gambling to escape the emotional crisis in life such as depression, anxiety, stress, shame, guilt, boredom, loneliness and other uncomfortable emotions.
  2. Desire for quick money – Many gamblers get stuck in a false thinking that gambling will help them get out of money crisis and ignore possible big losses or negative consequences.
  3. Gambling/Greed/Win Trap – Many gamblers will get the “Big Win” and eventually get hooked deeper into the game.
  4. Lose – Unfortunately, the “Big Win” does not last and the gamblers find themselves in losing streaks.
  5. Chasing the loss – The losses make the gamblers panic and despair, many gamblers feel desperate and bet more money to chase the loss.
  6. More Loss – The gambler is now in deeper despair because of more loss, which leads to more emotional crisis and financial crisis.
  7. CYCLE BEGINS AGAIN. Go back to step 1.

This is a never-ending cycle if the gambler does not get help.

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