Services Offered

  • Intake and Assessment – Comprehensive assessment of problem gambling behavior and other co-existing addiction disorders
  • Individual Counseling – Counselors work with individual to develop and reach treatment goals focused on wellness and recovery
  • Group Counseling and Support – Group counseling and support to increase knowledge and understanding of problem gambling issues, and to promote positive support systems for those affected by problem gambling
  • Family Support – Counselors meet with individuals and family/support persons to empower clients to achieve their wellness and recovery goals
  • Community Outreach and Education – Presentations to increase community awareness about problem gambling and resources are available. We do not take a position either for or against gambling; we are here to empower problem gamblers, their families and the community to engage in responsible gaming.
  • Prevention and Intervention – Provide prevention and intervention strategies to strengthen the health and wellness of our community through prevention services and outreach efforts.